Android API level 29

Google play doesn’t accept my apps with API Level 28, how to change to Api Level 29 so they can approve it in playstore?



The Expo team is working on this. After it’s fixed you will need to rebuild your app.

Thanks, Where can I find out when they have solved it?

I believe this is the issue to watch:

But I am sure they will also announce it on the forums.

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What is the status on this issue : how can we build an ejected SDK38 app with api level 29 support ?

In addition to @ide’s message here, I imagine another possibility is to create a new Expo project, copy your code across, and eject it. I have not tried this myself, though.

Sorry, but I need clear instruction since @ide wrote in Aug 3rd : “We are working on updating the Android for SDK 38 for Android 10 support this week.”
Of course I’ve tested with a new expo project but it seems not to be api29 compliant (at time of test), is there something new ?