Android 5 & 9 no push notification token in build version

  1. SDK Version 37:
  2. Platform Android 9:


I don’t get a push notification token on Android 9 but on Android 5 it is working.
It fails there: await Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync();

Hi @niro003
Same issue here

excitedly waiting expo teams solution

it’s really weird in my case. On Android 5 now, when I use the expo start --android it works. But when I use the expo build:android it is not working :slightly_frowning_face:

can you create an issue and provide information about what exactly is not working when you run the build and how we can reproduce it?

I don’t get the token in the build version, but in the expo start I get it. I can’t console.log on the build version, so I can’t tell what is the problem. In the build version the response seems very fast and on the dev version it takes longer but I get it.

Fix issues when fetching push notifications token
In new version 2.15.1
Is everything ok with the standalone build both platforms?

Also in my case, it was a problem with the expo android app version!

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