Analytics tools for monitoring user behaviour on my Expo app

Hi All

I am currently in the testing phase of my application and have been giving it out to testers. Is there some kind of user behaviour analytics lib that I can use to get reports on things such as user actions, how many times the app has been opened, how long spent on app etc.

Fairly new to Expo so not sure if this is even the right place to ask this.


Hi there,

First of all, I would like to point out that this is indeed the right place to ask such questions. (Atleast in my eyes)

I believe you can just use Google Analytics, but I am not sure if that is enough for you. I found this library which uses a bridge. I’ve also found this Stackoverflow post for you.

I hope that helped you enough, please let me know if so.

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Expo includes support for the Amplitude API:

I’m sure there was also another analytics API supported but I can’t seem to find it now.


Thanks! This looks really promising. I see that it does require linking of native libraries which as I understand is not possible with Expo? Would be awesome to use Google Analytics

Thanks, will look into this!

I have implemented this now and it works perfectly. Thanks for the awesome recommendation!

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