Amazon App Store issues

Managed (?) workflow on eas-cli/3.10.2

I have an app that I’m trying to get into the Amazon App Store, which is currently in the other app stores. It uses config-plugins/react-native-ble-plx to get bluetooth.

The manifest states that my app is requesting


which the Amazon Fire devices translate into Android.hardware.location.gps which none of them support, so my app is not available to any of those devices. I can sideload my app onto a fire tablet and it works great.

I tried running expo prebuild -p android --clean --no-install

and then manually edited AndroidManifest.xml to remove those permissions.
Then I ran
eas build -p android --profile sideload which is

"sideload": {
      "android": {
        "buildType" : "apk"

and uploaded that binary again to Amazon.
Still the issue persists. The manifest states that my app still requests the same permissions, and that means it needs GPS.

Any tips much appreciated, this is weird.