Airmap crashes app without log output

I’m implementing drag&drop to a react-native-maps MapView, and whenever I use MapRef.coordinateForPoint, MapView.prototype.coordinateForPoint, NativeModules.AirMapModule.coordinateForPoint method, or any other method on AirMap in any way, the app crashes immediately without any log output in console. I tried downgrading react-native-maps from 0.29.3 to supported 0.28.0, clearing app cache, adding permissions in manifest and ofc. restarting device. I’m very much a newbie in react-native and mobile development in general. Is there something I’m missing? How can I access logs from my device?
I’m using react@16.31.1, react-native@0.63.18, expo@42.0.4, react-native-maps@0.28.0. Android 10 on an external device with expo go.