After upgrade to SDK 39, Apps crash when remote js debugging is activated

  1. SDK Version:39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):Android

Since I upgrade to the SDK 39, various things are broken in my app (fonts not loading, Async storage items not getting fetch…). It might all be caused by one common issue, but the biggest issue is that I cannot debug my app anymore to track it down.

When I activate remote js debugging, the app won’t start. It crashes during the splash screen loading.

I submitted an issue for this, but because I don’t have a clear repro I am not sure it will get looked at.

Anybody ran into the issue?


I’m having the same problem right after upgrading to expo-39.

Im having the same problem.
No errors, just ‘Expo has stopped.’

Running on Android

I have same problem on version 38, just Expo has stopped, and there is no way yo can start it again. I think it is related to task_manager which i Use for background location functionality.

Same issue here, updating SDK 38 → 39.
I had to stash the change and disable remote debugger and start again to resolve this issue.
iOS works fine but fails with Android.

Also having this same issue after upgrading to SDK 39

Same issue, app crash immediately after upgrading to SDK 39 if debug mode is activated on Android only.

Just to add, I found out that the “common issue” that I am referring to and that caused my app to not access the Async storage, not load fonts etc. was because of [ios][Android] Warning about native splash screen in latest Expo development clients · Issue #10263 · expo/expo · GitHub. It causes this code to fail:

try {
    await SplashScreen.preventAutoHideAsync();

    // Load my fonts, async storage data, etc. here
    // Never get done because of the error on SplashScreen above
} catch (e) {
    await SplashScreen.hideAsync();

It is not related to the crash when debugging, but it did come with sdk 39, so I thought I might let others know if they use the same loading logic :slight_smile:

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Having the same issue after upgrading to SDK 39, had to downgrade to 38 to fix the problem.

Same problem here after upgrading to SDK 38.

we’ll roll out a fix for this within the next week or so. see the related issue App crashes/shuts down when remote js debug is activated on SDK 39 for Android · Issue #10284 · expo/expo · GitHub

this happens on android in sdk 39 when remote debugging js is enabled

you find a solution please??

I see the two pull requests mentioned in the issue were merged yesterday so I expect the fix will be released soon.

I also have the same problem, remote debugger does not work and stops the application.
SDK 39 but with SDK 38 it was not going well either.

A temporary solution for those who are stuck in crash loop
Go to ‘app info’ of Expo app and clear App data. It will log you out, delete history and other app data but will also disable Debug Remote JS and you will be able to use expo client again (without debugging, of course).

I see the fix for this has been released:

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