After Upgrade to 43, EAS Build failing for android only... ios is fine

I have read all the documentation. Also searched high and low in forums and open/closed github issues to no avail. The build fails for android only. ios builds just fine. This only started happening after upgrading from expo 41 to expo 43. I noticed in the release notes for 43 there are several mentions of the offending package unimodules-task-manager-interface so one of these changes is the likely suspect.

eas-cli/0.33.1 darwin-x64 node-v14.17.6

Any and all help is MUCH appreciated as I have a looming deadline for releasing our app upgraded to 43.

Same here. Dead in the water!

please share the results of runnig expo doctor and your package.json

Expo doctor:

Some dependencies are incompatible with the installed expo package version:

  • expo-firebase-recaptcha - expected version: ~2.0.2 - actual version installed: 1.3.0
  • expo-google-app-auth - expected version: ~9.0.0 - actual version installed: 8.1.4
  • expo-random - expected version: ~12.0.1 - actual version installed: 12.0.0
  • expo-updates - expected version: ~0.10.6 - actual version installed: 0.10.5
    Your project may not work correctly until you install the correct versions of the packages.
    To install the correct versions of these packages, please run: expo install [package-name …]

it looks like the solution to your problem is in making sure those libraries are the correct versions. possibly

will try. If the app wont work without those versions then why doesn’t the upgrade command do that?

we updated those packages over the last couple of days

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Same build error still. Unfortunately…

Even after installing the libraries from the doctor output the same build error is occurring.

Any more ideas to try to resolve this? We’re unable to build android because of it so won’t be able to use sdk 43. @notbrent

would it be possible to share your project with me on github? i’m brentvatne there.

otherwise, can you share some project where i can reproduce this?

i’d be happy to help but as i said above i need more information. if you can share your project with me on github, that’s ideal, otherwise please try to reproduce it in a minimal project that you can share. some tips on how to do that: fyi/ at master · expo/fyi · GitHub

This magically resolved itself with the latest eas cli. :slight_smile: