After SDK37, Animations in iOS are much slower when there is animating keyboard either show up or hide.

SDK Version: SDK37
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

So, we’re making a big jump from SDK35 to SDK37. So appreciate all the effort to introduce the later version of RN to Expo. Thank you Expo team!

Migration was smooth. It was simply adding some missing packages, and that’s it!

However, We did notice “Animated” and “Animatable(react-native-animatable)” components are slower than usual in iOS environment. And it gets extremely slow when it’s happening with native keyboard’s show/hide animation. (so it doesn’t even loop like an animation. It just shows the start and the end shapes.)

Android is butter smooth. Animations in Android works just like how it used to be.

Does anyone have a similar issue to us?


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