After I detach, can I still use 'exp publish'?


I have detached to ExpoKit. What happens now if I run ‘exp publish’? It sounds like it will still work:

“Publishing your JS from XDE/exp will still work. Users of your app will get the new JS on their devices as soon as they reload their app; you don’t need to rebuild your native code if it has not changed.” –

I’m hesitant to try it until I’m a little more sure I understand. I wasn’t expecting I would still be able to publish the app via Expo’s service (‘exp publish’) after detaching. But perhaps I’m wrong about that.

If I don’t yet have any native changes in my app, I can still use ‘exp publish’ the same as I had been before I detached?


Yes, u can.

Take a look at this, i explain one of uses for exp publish on offline app

But, if your app has Updates enabled on your app.json, exp publish will still update de bundle to all your users.
When u detach de app, u have to build your apk (Android Studio) and ipa (MacOs Xcode) by yourself instead build on Expo servers.

@arnoldbird i hope i’ve helped you



Hey Sir, I am also working on a detached app. But when I run exp publish, only IOS received the OTA updates, the Android cannot update. Both IOS and android are using default release channel. Do you have any ideas?

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