After ejecting from CRNA, scanning the QR code no longer launches my app

As the title says, I can no-longer launch my app after ejecting from CRNA using the expo options.

It seems as though the server is running fine except when I scan using the http protocol it just opens in my browser and shows me the JSON.

When I scan using exp protocol it simply scans then does nothing. I have no errors in my logs.

Any suggestions?

hey @zakassali, you shouldnt be able to use the QR code/expo client functionality anymore when you’ve detached, and you’d need to test straight from XCode/ Android Studio.

Hey @quinlanj

Thanks for your response. I’m afraid however that you might be mistaken - when ejecting you can eject to expokit which allows you to still use the Exponent functionality as can be seen here

Something strange that also happens…

If I use git to reset to HEAD (which is pre-eject) whilst leaving the files in the directory that came post eject. I get the same issue happening. It seems I have to completely remove all ejection directories and files and delete node modules folder and re-install.

It seems as though I’ve managed to get it working - although the only way for it to work is if I set the protocol to redirect mode. I think this might be worth investigating?

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Its definitely on our radar @zakassali, sorry for any inconvenience.

No worries at all, expo has been a joy to use otherwise!

Out of curiosity, is this a known issue?