After detach expo app need run apk without running expo server

After detach expo app i download android folder by using app.json file androidviewurl link and replace with android folder after detach app.
Now when i run apk from android studio using running exp server then its working fine but i need run apk without running expo server.
Using google search i found some solution some developer says first publish app on expo then its working fine .but i got same error need run expo server. so please anyone help me to solve this problem i need run apk without running expo server please provide way in step by step…thanks in advance…
Kulbhushan Singh.

Hey @kulbhushansingh thanks for your question!

Have you followed the instructions here:

And then dragged and dropped your APK into your Android Emulator?

Or are you asking for something else completely. Such as being able to run your APK in offline?

these instruction working whenever not detach app after detach app exp build not working …am just get apk using android studio… and then run then it says need expo server running am not able to run apk without running expo server…
I just need build apk after detach expo app and run it freely without any need of running exp start command in terminal…or else. .

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