AdMobs Banner not showing up?

I’m using expo-ads-admob version 8.2.1 and attempting to show banner ads on my ios mobile app. While using their test adUnitId an ad will show up, however when I switch this to my AdUnitId no ad will appear, and I will get the error: “Request Error: No ad to show.”

When I initially launched the app about 2 weeks ago, the ads were showing up perfectly fine. I don’t know why all of a sudden the ads stopped showing up since I didn’t change the code at all.

Can anyone help?

You put your Ad unit ID instead of App ID.

MobileAds.initialize(getApplicationContext(), here your app id will come );

And this is your ad id both are different just change the above code and put app id instead of your Ad unit ID.

This is your Ad unit ID


Hope this will works. Cheers!

Thanks for your help, but It’s not a problem with the Ad unit ID vs App ID. After further research it looks like I need to look into mediation as google admobs simply doesn’t always provide an ad.

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