Admob not working in ios build

I have setup my application to use AdMob, based on the instructions here:

AdMob works fine for me in the simulator, and even on Android builds. However, when I build for ios and test on device the ads do not show up at all. Any reason why this does not work once it’s built for ios?

Hey there , I’m using admob in my app and it’s working fine. Can you create a snack so it’s easier to re create the issue

Thanks for offering to help, I’ve actually sorted this out already though.

After messing with this some more, it looks like it was just displaying far below the bottom of the screen. Not sure why the ads show up in the correct spot in the simulator and way off screen when on a device, but I was able to figure out the issue.


Glad you were able to figure this out @zhuber, let me know if there is anything we can do on our end to make your experience better.

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