Admob iOS App Crashes in Production

SDK Version: 3.23.3
Platform: iOS

My iOS app that uses an Admob banner works perfectly fine when I build it using expo build:ios -t simulator and download and run in on Simulator. But after releasing it on the App Store, it closes a few seconds after being opened. I’m pretty positive it has something to do with Admob, since every other component of my app loads, but before the Admob banner loads it crashes. I’ve followed the Admob Expo documentation exactly and the app appears to be properly linked to my Admob account. I am not sure how to debug this problem since the app works without any errors when built for the simulator.

Hey @adenalhardan,

It might be worth looking at the crash logs. You can find a useful resource on how to do that here:


I checked that and it says that there are no crash logs. A few seconds after I load the app, it exits me out of the app and back to the home screen, but the app still is running in the background, except for the Admob banner. Could this possibly not be registering as a crash?

Could be. Can you let me know what SDK version you are running. It looks like you put your expo-cli version above. SDK version would be like 37, 38, etc.

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