Adding expo modules in Cli project ended up with white screen on android

I added expo-modules into existing project to use a module from expo.I followed the docs and it worked perfectly on iOS but on android it crated issues and I fixed the issue by using the code in is given below to fixed the issues.

 protected ReactActivityDelegate createReactActivityDelegate() {
    return new ReactActivityDelegate(this, getMainComponentName()) {

      protected ReactRootView createRootView() {
        return new RNGestureHandlerEnabledRootView(MainActivity.this);
  protected String getMainComponentName() {
    return "App";

When I installed the expo modules the getMainComponentName() implementation was missing and I added the function with app name return.Now the issue gone but when I run the app it successfully build and logs shows that first screen started but on mobile its the white blank screen.I tried to read the console there is no such error.Kindly anyone guide me through the process.Thanks

Hey @zadu797, our debugging guide is a great resource to reference when you get stuck.

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