ad_impression isn't logged with expo-firebase-analytics


Here are my environment.
Android and iOS

I have a custom splash ad which shows an image on screen and navigates user to a website when user clicks it. I would like to measure how many times the ad appears and how many times the ad is clicked. I don’t use ad publishing services like AdMob or FacebookAd.

Firebase Analytics looks good for my purpose. Installed expo-firebase-analytics and put following code.

On ad image loaded,
Analytics.logEvent('ad_impression', { adId: "campaign1", adType: "splash" });

On ad image pressed,
Analytics.logEvent('ad_click', { adId: "campaign1", adType: "splash" });

However, “ad_click” appears on Firebase Analytics admin website, but “ad_impression” doesn’t appear. ad_impression is blocked from being logged? I just renamed to another random name it appeared so seems event name matters.

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