ActionSheet appears behind Modal from react-native-modal on Android

Hi, I am using the actionSheet from expo and it shows behind my Modal on Android, I’m using SDK 34.0.3 and the react-native-modal, on IOS works fine. I tried to use this (ModalHost and Modal from expo) but those have been deleted from expo. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance

On Android, this library is more-or-less just simulating an iOS action sheet with an absolute-positioned view that covers the parent view. Modal is this weird thing at the OS level that covers even the parent view, so it’s covering everything, including your action sheet. It’s quite possible to use @connectActionSheet in multiple places, so what I’d recommend trying is (if you haven’t already) is turning whatever is inside your Modal into a separate component, applying the @connectActionSheet attribute there, and then calling it within your modal. In that case, the action sheet should render over the view inside the modal.

Greatest solution ever: Just move ActionSheetProvider to inside RN modal. Works sweetly

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