Accessing nested const variable in RN?

Hi everyone,

I think this is a weird question but i have a variable in React native like this :

const phrases = {
Default: {
    title: "Fetching the freaking Weather",
    subtitle: "Be patient, you're witnessing a miricle",
    highlight: "freaking",
    color: "#636363",
    background: "#9C9C9C",
Clear: {
    title: "It's freaking Amaze Balls",
    subtitle: "Rock that shit!",
    highlight: "freaking",
    color: "#E32500",
    background: "#FFD017",
Rain: {
    title: "Rain rain please go away",
    subtitle: "Stay inside and code all day",
    highlight: "away",
    color: "#004A96",
    background: "#2F343A",
Thunderstorm: {
    title: "freaking Thunder Strike",
    subtitle: "Unplug those devices",
    highlight: "Thunder",
    color: "#FBFF46",
    background: "#020202",
Clouds: {
    title: "Cloud storage limit reached",
    subtitle: "error: 5000 - cirrocumulus",
    highlight: "limit",
    color: "#0044FF",
    background: "#939393",
Snow: {
    title: "Brain freaking Freeze",
    subtitle: "You're not supposed to eat it",
    highlight: "freaking",
    color: "#021D4C",
    background: "#15A678",
Drizzle: {
    title: "Meh... don't even ask",
    subtitle: "What did I just say?",
    highlight: "don't",
    color: "#B3F6E4",
    background: "#1FBB68",
Mist: {
    title: "Mist title",
    subtitle: "Mist sub",
    highlight: "Mist",
    color: "#B3F6E4",
    background: "#1FBB68",

now when i am trying to access Title like this :

I get this error :

undefined is not an object (evaluating’phrases[].title’)

any one can help with this ??

EDIT********************************************** had initial state of ‘…’, it should be Default

Hi @olfcad. Can you make a Snack showing this?

Hey, @jesse, thank you for replying, but i solved the issue, had three dots and that value didn’t figure in the const phrases :slight_smile: ,

this topic should be closed :slight_smile:

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