Accessing build with port forwarding.

Hi folks!

I’ve been developing and testing an app with great success (thanks to Expo! =D) throughout my home network. I do builds in a VM that has a network address and Expo GO works perfectly with all my devices (virtual or not).

But I’m trying to make those test build available to the outside world through port forwarding. I have a No-Ip domain that exposes some services in my network via reverse proxy (like code-server, plex, gitea) and I tryed to expose port 19000 directly on that domain so I could use Expo GO when I’m not at home.

However it doesn’t work and I’m failing in understanding why and in finding a similar question/solution on the forum/stackoverflow/github/etc…

So, any of you have experience with that? Any config I’m not aware of I need to do? My guess is my expo server isn’t recognizing calls from DOMAIN:19000 and will only accept it from my local ips…
Can a reverse proxy solve the problem??

Thanks in advance for any tips!