ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION is being requested eventhough i don't have it in my app.config.js?

After upgrading to expo 43 and building my app I submitted to google and its asking to verify the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission, explain why i need that permission and upload a video of me showing the user being warned about it. My app doesn’t use background location, nor did i add it to the permissions array in the config. Has anyone else seen this issue??

here is my app.config.js relevant section:

permissions: [


Looking at the full manifest in app bundle explorer in the play console though shows this… clearly requesting background location access. What is adding that??

search your node modules for ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION - it’s impossible to tell at a glance, because you could be using any set of libraries that may add it

Looks like its in the manifest under expo-location???

In github you dont have background… weird… my local is diff somehow


Just had to remove the old @types/expo package and the older expo-location with the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION in its android manifest was no longer being pulled in.

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