Accelerometer doesn't work properly in some devices [SDK 34]

Hi everyone,

I’m developing an application that widely uses the data collected by the accelerometer. Specifically for the accelerometer I use this version of the SDK:

After testing the applications in various devices, I could see that the data collected by the accelerometer is correct in IOs and in most Android devices but I noticed some strange behavior in an Android phone, the Wiko y60.

I briefly describe what happens: when the phone is slowly rotated along an axis, one can usually observe a gradual reduction or increase (based on the direction of the movement) of the accelerometer value along that axis. Therefore if we construct a chart of this rotation where on the abscissa we put the time and on the ordinate the collected values ​​of the accelerometer, we can notice approximately a growing or decreasing line. This is what I expect and what I get from most of the devices I have used except that in the Wiko y60 in fact with it I get non-linear data i.e. we imagine that I expect a growing line, what I get is a straight line that grows, suddenly decreases and then returns to grow. In other words, the recorded data is very trembling and this makes my application unusable.

This anomalous behavior I noticed only when I slowly rotate the cell phone and only with Expo because if I use the sensors of the same cell phone with a native Android app everything works well.

I understand that it is an extremely detailed problem and limited to a smartphone but since my application is based on the accelerometer I would try to understand the origin of the problem in such a way as to solve the problem or understand in which smartphone it does not work well. In general, since this is not a problem I am implementing (since in other devices everything is fine) it can be seen that the 'expo-sensors' library for data collected by the accelerometer does not work correctly on all devices.

Waiting for a response :pray::pray:

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