abi32-0_0.cm.facebook.raect.bridge.CatalystInstance null oject reference

I am developing an Expo app, and I have implemented the log in with Google, 4 views with a navigation, and until now, just a map.

I had no problem last week, I haven’t developed more sincethen, and today I get that error:
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'abi32_0_0.com.facebook.reeact.bridge.CatalystInstance abi32_0_0.com.facebook.react.bridge.ReactContext.getCatalystInstance()' on a null object reference.

I don’t have that library or use that method, and I don’t understand why that is happening, maybe it is the new update of the expo CLI, I don’t know.
If someone could help me I would be really pleased because I have a due date for my final degree project.

This is how the error looks:

The app is still working (or at least, it seems taht way) but this cannot be leaved this way.

This was solved by itself, I don’t know how, but eventually it goes away…

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