A custom template generator for EXPO apps

I have been trying to figure out what tool to use in order to create a custom expo app generator , and came across slush ,but I doubt if these 2 tools are compatible ( Reference Error match is not defined ,Image Picker functions)
Is there anything specific that I can use for the above purpose.

Thanks in advance

Hi Naveen,

You can create project scaffolding via the exp init command of exp, or (if you don’t mind a GUI) by making a new project in XDE.

Is there a feature you notice these tools are missing?

Let’s stick to one topic so the discussion isn’t fragmented @naveendk – and how about we look at the entire project folder so we can debug it properly? Running an Expo app depends on multiple files. Make sure your .babelrc is set up properly. Are you still trying to run it from exp or XDE after generating?

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