64 bit support A/libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV)


So we are currently in the process of upgrading to SDK33 and adding 64-bit support for Android, as the August 1st deadline is very soon.
We recently ran into an issue with some devices always crashing on application start, and after some investigation, we came to the conclusion that it is the same issue as described here.

So there is an issue with certain devices crashing with the 64-bit versions, but the issue has been patched in react-native 0.59.10.

I searched around, but couldn’t find any reference to this issue in Expo, and as the current react-native version is 0.59.8 for SDK33, my question is, is there any plan to update SDK33 with the new react-native version?

If not, is the only solution at the moment to submit 32-bit versions before August 1st and then wait on SDK34 that will have react-native 0.60.* and Hermes support (woohoo) ?

Thanks in advance!

Expo is not using JSC bundled with react-native, so when we enabled 64 bit support we also updated to version JSC where those issues were fixed.