[2017-10-25] Issues with logging into Expo developer accounts

Hi everyone – we’ve seen several reports of developers not being able to log into the Expo service or do actions that need a logged-in account, such as publishing. We believe this is not affecting end users who are (1) still able to fetch JS updates in addition to (2) the fact that standalone apps have offline support for JS bundles anyway.

We’re able to reproduce this issue with our own accounts and are actively looking into it right now and will update this post when it’s resolved. Really sorry for the issue and thank you for your patience and understanding.


Update: we recommend developers use the --offline flag of the exp CLI program (it’s like XDE for your terminal) because the service we use for authentication is having issues.

The authentication provider we use has acknowledged an urgent ticket we’ve filed with them and they are looking into this issue, which appears to be affecting some of their other customers as well.


Update: Our authentication provider has confirmed they had a critical bug on their side. Unfortunately this bug resulted in corrupt data, which means they need to restore their data from a backup nearly 24 hours ago.

What this means: Accounts made more than 24 hours ago will be restored to their old state. If you didn’t create or modify your account in the past day, this won’t affect you. You might need to log in again to exp/XDE, https://expo.io, and the Expo client – ideally not, though.

If you did create or modify an account in the last 24 hours, we will attempt to restore it ourselves rather than relying on our authentication provider. In some cases we might not be able to restore the changes you made and you’ll have to make the changes again (or sign up again if you had made an account in the last 24 hours).

What’s unaffected: The service outage was just our authentication provider, so your published Expo projects are unaffected and the performance and reliability for the end user experience also is completely unaffected.

As we hear more updates from our authentication provider we’ll keep you all updated. Thanks again for being so understanding.


Update: Our auth provider says their database restoration will take several hours. It appears they’re restoring the entire database of all Expo developer accounts, which is why it’s taking this much time. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to re-enable login while our auth provider is restoring their database.

Some positive news: We’ve made a backup of accounts that were newly created or edited within the last 24 hours. This means that if our auth provider doesn’t restore those accounts (their backup is one day old), we have that data and will attempt to restore it ourselves.

What you can do until then: As mentioned above, our exp command-line program supports an offline mode while developing. Run exp start --offline for example. Offline mode is very similar to regular mode, except that some APIs like AsyncStorage will behave differently (you will not be able to access previously stored data).

What’s next: It’s past 1AM here right now so I’m going to sign off in a bit and be online around 7AM PDT to check on the progress of the database restoration. Assuming it’s complete, we’ll update this topic to let you know that fixing this issue is no longer blocked on our auth provider. We plan to restore data from our own backup as mentioned above, and if everything looks good we’ll re-enable logging in and developer account services and update this topic again.

We totally get how unexpected and distracting this issue could be and are really sorry it happened and we couldn’t fix it more quickly.


Any news on when will this be resolved?
Is there a way to publish app without logging in?

Bad time to restart the Expo client :frowning: any update from them on how long this will take? I cannot access my project now.

Everyone’s asleep at the moment I think. Use the --offline argument in the exp CLI to keep developing :wink:

@nikolal We expect this issue to be fixed in a few hours. Our auth service provider says they restored their databases and just finished rebuilding their search index about a minute ago. We next plan to restore more accounts that the auth provider may not have.

There isn’t a way to publish without logging in because we need to ensure that developers publish only to their own account.

@dekm Our auth provider finished restoring their databases just now. Next, we will check that the restoration was successful and see if there is any extra account data we need to restore that they might not have.

In the meantime you should be able to access your project (load it in the Expo client and standalone apps) and develop on it with the --offline flag in exp.

@jhalborg Thanks for helping out. The --offline flag is the best way to get unblocked for developing if you don’t need to publish your project right now.

Update: Our auth provider finished restoring their database and re-indexing the entries a few minutes ago. Our auth provider also cleared all login sessions, so after this issue is resolved you will need to log in again. Sorry about that.

We are now checking whether the restoration looks good and seeing if we need to restore any data that they might not have.


Hello, thanks for the perfect reporting,

I still have an issue now with “exp bi -c”
[exp] Checking for existing Apple credentials…
[exp] Error validating credentials. You may need to clear them (with -c) and try again.
[exp] API Response Error: Not authorized.

I hope this can help

Now I’m getting “too_many_attempts” from XDE

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Hey, what is the status?
From my side is still “invalid_request”


Now says:
“Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts. We’ve sent you an email with instructions on how to unblock it.”

User accounts have not been re-enabled yet because we are still restoring data that our auth provider didn’t back up.

In the meantime, use exp start --offline instead of XDE, since XDE doesn’t have offline support.


I’m still receiving the same error trying to login with my github account is that related?

Cannot read property ‘payload’ of null

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@dekm Yes, logging in with any method won’t work.

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Use the -offline param, this works for me

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@ide ok thanks will stick with the offline method for now

Offline development works for me as well, but the inability to publish at all is a serious issue since we are preparing to submit the app for launch and are pretty much cut off at the knees because of this.